Past Events

Wintertide, 2019

Wintertide, 2018

Cleveland Dance Festival 

Unknown : film premiere and evening of art exploring the light and dark of mental health, finding the silver linings, and what we do to feel better.

Alex Heller  · Eve Rydberg  · Skeleton Stewdios  · Mandy Work Wetzel + Shannon Metelko

Georgia Reash

Skuff Micksun

Tyler Grant & Shannon Metelko

Alexis Cuevas  · Ayo Viti  · Cecelia Ivy Price  · Georgia Reash  · Jordan Mastrocola  · Kayleigh Deeks  · Talia Clayton

We were able to donate a percentage of proceeds to local organization, YWCA – Greater Cleveland, Norma Herr Women’s Center.

Yoga Class

Led by: Elizabeth Rosenberg,  Tabitha Suzette , David Kowalski , Shannon Metelko